Friday, September 2, 2011

happy weekend / new listings in the shop

I finally got around to putting up some new listings! Woohoo! Oddly enough, my most productive time happened shortly after my root canal appointment this morning. Yuck. 

The upside is that this means I don't have to devote my long weekend to Etsy. As much as I love my computer, I need some beach time. 

Yesterday I recruited my sister and husband to help me take some photos. She was such a good model. Even though she ate pizza most of the time. Hey, I only needed her ears so the rest of her was free to do as she pleased. 

I still have a few more items to post and plenty more pictures to go through, but that's enough for one day. Here's to hoping I get that done before classes start at the university next week. Happy long weekend!


  1. your bloggy blog is sugar, spice and everything nice!
    many compliments your way for all the overt loveliness compact into your page!

    merci! x

  2. The gold earrings are gorgeous!